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Pinnacle Plotting offers expert plotter repair and printing services for anyone in the Kansas City area, plus all of eastern Kansas and western Missouri. Our service technicians are factory-trained plotter, scanner and printer engineering experts. With more than 20 years of industry experience specializing in most brands and models, including:

  • Canon Wide format plotters and scanners
  • HP (Hewlett Packard) Wide format plotters and scanners
  • Epson Wide format plotters and scanners
  • Rowe Wide format plotters and scanners
  • Ricoh / Savin / GEI  Wide format plotters and scanners
  • Colortrac Scanners
  • Contex Scanners
  • Oce Wide format plotters and scanners

Hewlett Packard/HP DesignJet Plotters

Designjet 430, 450, 500, 750/755, 800, 1050, 1055, 5000, 5500, T120, T520, T790 T795, T730, T830, T920, T930, T1100, T1120, T1200, T1300, T1500, T1530, T2500, T2530, Z2100, Z3100, Z3200, Z5200,  Z5400,  Z5600,  Z6100,  Z6200, Z6600, Z6800, and more.

Canon Wide Format Printers and Plotters

Kansas City’s authorized Canon iPF/ImagePROGRAF service for ALL iPF/ImagePROGRAF Series wide format printers and plotters

iPF 500, iPF510,  iPF 605, 610, iPF700, iPF710, iPF750, iPF755, iPF760, iPF765, iPF810, iPF815, iPF820, iPF825, iPF5100, iPF6100, iPF6200, iPF6300, 6350, 6400, 6450,  iPF8000, iPF 8000S, iPF8100, iPF8300, 8400, iPF8400S, iPF9000, iPF 9000S, iPF9100, 9400, 9400S, PRO2000, PRO4000, PRO4000S, and PRO6000S

Epson Stylus Pro P-Series and SureColor Plotter and Printer Repair

Stylus Pro 4800, 4880, 7900, 9800, 9900, P5000, P6000, P70000, P8000, P9000, P10000, P20000, T3000, 5000, 7000, T3270, T5270, T7270, T3170, T5170. T3470, T5470, T5470M. If you have a 17″ or larger Epson printer, we probably service it.

Oce Copiers and Plotters

7050 Series, 9300/9400, TDS100, TDS400, 9600, TDS600, 9700, 9800

Ricoh Wide Format Copiers and Plotters

FW740, 750, 760, 770, 780, 870

Aficio 240W, 470W,480W, W2400, W3600, W5100, W7140, W3601 SP6700

We are Plotbase experts, so contact us today to learn more about our plotter repair services!


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Here is Some Recent Customer Feedback:

“Books, reviews and tutorials on the Internet are not always helpful as each author has his own prejudices and their advice is often contradictory. It takes someone like your technician John to untangle the confusion. All the more reason for buying through you instead of ordering over the Internet. I had also bought my large-format Epsons locally, something that didn’t prove very helpful as the local dealer knew little more than I did, and Epson’s standard response was a deep silence.”

“I do admire your tech’s determination to solve problems. He gave the impression of being a man who will not be stopped until he gets an answer. It’s a welcome change from what I’ve run into with other company’s technical experts.”

“Your service dept spoils me.”

“A phone call is all it took to correct my issue”

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