Canon TM Series



Competitively priced and fully equipped, Canon’s TM-Series of large-format printers includes features
and functions that neither HP nor Epson can currently match or offer at an additional cost.

Top Reasons Why the TM-305 Printer is the Best Choice

• Speed
• Size
• Quiet operation
• TD high yield pigment ink
• Direct USB drive printing
• Stacking basket
• Creative and Workflow solutions in the box
• Simple media load rolling
• Outdoor media compatibility
• Large color gamut on uncoated paper
• Security features built-in

A Fast CAD and Poster Printer

• Productivity is one of the most important features
your customers look for in a large-format printing
solution. The more prints your customer needs, the
more productivity matters. Busy work environments
that must output long plots, produce multiple sets, and
meet tight deadlines will get more done in less time with
• Produce high quality line drawings in just 21 seconds!
• Canon’s high speed image processing reduces the time
from “click” to first print.
• Sharp reproduction of text and lines, even on uncoated
paper, thanks to the fully pigmented ink set.

Quiet Operation

The operational noise has been reduced to provide for
a quieter and more comfortable work environment.

Easy Roll Loading by Slide-in Style

Easily load the roll with a natural posture. Simply slide the
roll along the guide rails and let the printer automatically
determine whether a roll or sheet is loaded. The preloading
position is 2.75 inches closer to the front on the TM-series
than previous models for easier roll loading.

Compact Design

Now with the TM-305’s compact, sleek design it’s easier
to find a place to put your large-format printer, even in
smaller offices with limited space. Since you can load
paper, replace ink, and clear jams without needing to
access the back of the printer, it can be installed flush
against walls or even next to a desk where regular work
can be done.